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KENT machine

Kent Snapshot NIR Imaging

Understanding tissue viability in wound care is extremely valuable for positive patient outcomes. Snapshot NIR is a multispectral imaging device that utilizes near infrared (NIR) light to approximate tissue oxygen saturation, which is a key indicator of tissue health.

Ultimate Wound Solutions uses Snapshot NIR for advanced tissue assessment through a comprehensive picture of tissue health and the healing capacity of wounds.

  • Completely Non-Invasive: No need for patient contact, gels, adhesives, nor injectable contrast dyes.

  • Fast, Repeatable, and Accurate: Real-time imaging for immediate visualization of the wound tissue below the surface. This information is used to assess healing and to guide the recommended treatment path.

  • Lightweight and Portable: Easy to use in any care setting, which allows our staff to monitor the wound over time and in any setting.

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MicroGenDX is the only CAP and CLIA certified lab in the nation providing the gold standard of microbial diagnostics via DNA technology: Next Generation DNA Sequencing.

Through the utilization of their curated database of 30,000 microbial species, MicroGenDX provides Ultimate Wound Solutions and their patients with the most informative microbial diagnostic testing that science can offer, resulting in better treatment plans.

Next Generation Sequencing is able to extract the microbial DNA from the sample provided and gives you precisely what the patient is dealing with via this technology versus what the lab was able to grow. This technology allows for faster and more accurate diagnostics, resulting in improved treatment and healing times.

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A simple solution for diagnosing Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) that can help millions of people at risk.

Ankle-Brachial Index should be the first measurement in wound care, to predict the heal-ability of lower leg wounds. It rules out arterial condition and therefore determines the safe level of compression.

ABI measurement can be performed to:

  • Determine adequate arterial blood flow prior to compression therapy
  • Rule out PAD/LEAD with a lower extremity wound
  • Assess wound healing potential
  • Evaluate therapeutic outcome
  • Determine safe level of compression

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