Whether you burned your hand in the kitchen or you have another burn there are plenty of myths about burn wound care and how you should handle the burn. There are a variety of wound types that come with plenty of old wives tales and tips on how to treat them.

Following the wrong burn wound care can certainly complicate the issue and can result in chronic wound care. Many burns can be addressed at home but if certain pre-existing conditions exist you should get medical attention.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Burn Wound Care

Somewhere in history someone started a rumor that using butter to treat a kitchen burn was a good idea. Unfortunately, putting butter on a burn is a very bad idea. Putting any fat on your wound can actually delay healing by keeping the heat in. Other things you should not put on a burn include:

  • Rubbing alcohol
  • Lotion
  • Tea bags, warm water or any treatment that is not meant specifically for burns

Other common misconception about burn wound care is to not cover it with a bandage, and that small wounds do not need care. You never want to break a blister that forms over a burn, and you do want to attend to every burn with the proper burn wound care.

Not taking care of a burn can result in serious complications. You can wind up with a chronic wound that is hard to control. A chronic wound is a wound that has not healed or responded to treatment during a 30 day period.

The Proper Way to Take Care of a Burn Wound

Immediately following the injury you will want to apply cool water, cool water will take the sting out. You will always want to bandage the wound so that clothing cannot irritate it and more importantly so debris and bacteria do not find their way into the wound.

Self-care may not be enough if you are diabetic or the wound is very severe. It is always best to check with a medical professional if you are in doubt about whether you can manage the burn wound on your own.

Knowing what to do and what not to do with a burn wound can help you to provide the first aid that you need for yourself and for others.