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Cold Laser Therapy (photobiomodulation)

Low intensity laser therapy used to stimulate wound healing by using low levels of light. The temperature of the light is low enough to not heat body tissue.

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Pulse Electromagnetic Therapy (PEMF)

A form of therapy that delivers high intensity, short duration electromagnetic pulses. While using this therapy, a magnetic field penetrates muscles and joints in a minimal amount of time.

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MicroGenDX DNA Pathogen Testing

Next Generation Sequencing is able to extract the microbial DNA from the sample provided and gives you precisely what the patient is dealing with via this technology versus what the lab was able to grow. This technology allows for faster and more accurate diagnostics resulting in improved treatment and healing times.

Find more information on our MicroGenDX DNA Pathogen Testing here.

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Kent Multispectral Imaging Snapshot NIR

Snapshot NIR is a multispectral imaging device that utilizes near infrared (NIR) light to approximate tissue oxygen saturation, a key indicator of tissue health. Ultimate Wound Solutions is using Snapshot NIR to advance tissue assessment through a comprehensive picture of tissue health and the healing capacity of wounds.

Find more information on our Kent Multispectral Imaging Snapshot NIR here.

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Kerecis Omega3 Wound Icelandic Fish Skin Grafts

Intact Icelandic fish skin grafts used for tissue regeneration. This unique product is naturally similar in structure to human skin. When grafted onto damaged human tissue, the Kerecis® Omega3 Wound recruits the body’s own cells, ultimately facilitating tissue regeneration.

The fish skin that Kerecis Omega3 Wound is made of is a natural microbial barrier, making it ideal for treating chronic and acute wounds. Because there is no risk of disease transfer from Icelandic cod, the fish skin is processed gently, which allows it to maintain its natural structure and elements.

FDA approved, Kerecis Omega3 Wound is cost effective and has demonstrated superior clinical performance in two non-industry sponsored, double-blind, randomized clinical trials and in more than 50 other clinical studies.

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