Professional chronic wound care at the wound care center is vitally important to your health. A chronic wound is a wound that is defined as one that is not responsive after thirty days of treatment. Professional wound care at the wound care center is almost always needed to care for these types of wounds.

What starts out as a simple abrasion can often escalate into a chronic wound. People with diabetes are at a heightened risk of experiencing a chronic wound. Getting care from the wound care center Bradenton FL resident’s trust can help to avoid complications.

What Causes a Chronic Wound?

Wounds are expected to follow a certain path to heal. In cases where the wound is not following that path to healing, the wound is considered chronic. There are several reasons why a wound does not heal as expected including:

  • Trauma to the site, or pressure
  • Degradation of the cell structure
  • Initial improper treatment

Trauma to the area can cause damage that takes longer to heal. In some cases, there is extensive degradation of the cell structure which can impede healing, and one of the most common causes is improper treatment.

Risk Factors

There are several groups that are at a higher risk factor of developing chronic wounds. Diabetics, those with venous insufficiency, and the elderly. Bariatric patients are also considered in the high-risk groups.

Advanced Wound Care Treatment

In the case of chronic wound care many times the underlying issue also needs to be addressed. For example, diabetics will need to follow a strict diet plan to get their sugar under control. The success of diabetic ulcer treatment seriously hinges on getting sugar levels under control so that healing can take place.

Diagnostic services are the first step in caring for a chronic wound. Wounds need to be evaluated before a treatment plan can be developed. Some of the things the wound care clinic will consider is the tissue surrounding the wound and whether there is any necrotic tissue in or around the wound and whether the wound is infected.

Other considerations before treatment can start is whether the round is desiccated or macerated, whether it is advancing, and the patient’s health history. The wound care clinic will consider all the information to develop a custom treatment plan that can improve healing.

Time is of the essence in wound care. Get the help you need today.